Service & Repair

We provide professional support and service for Scotland’s top bands and local musicians. We don’t recommend running your amp week after week until it breaks down. Routine servicing will keep you sounding your best and keep the big bills at bay. If your gear is getting tired and temperamental bring it down to us for a professional make over.

Many musicians bring their valve amps to us for modifications ranging from master volumes to transformer upgrading and speaker upgrading. We can re-cover your amp if  you fancy a fresh new look that’ll make it stand out from the crowd. Most factory combos come with compromised speakers and cheap valves to save costs and it’s one area where we can really help you get more from you current rig without bursting the bank. It’s all about making your amp YOUR amp. Call us to find out more…

Mods & Upgrades


We re-cover, re-valve, rebuild and fully restore vintage (and modern!) valve amps that have seen better days. We have a large selection of valves, knobs, corner pieces, amp coverings and grill cloths in stock that can bring your old faithful back to life.

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