Hand Wired Tube Amps

All tube, hand wired boutique amplifiers, custom built to order


All tube, hand wired boutique amplifiers, custom built to order. From the timeless Tweed Champ to the roar of a classic Plexi Superlead we take these designs to the next level with a build quality that is second to none. Read more…

Hand Built Guitar Pedals

See our range of hand built custom boutique guitar pedals

From our best selling Rory Gallagher signature Hawk Booster to our all new Fuzz Tone, all our pedals are built and play tested individually to ensure solid performance night after night. Our unique solid metal box design features tool free battery changing and neat pedal board integration. Read more…

Music Equipment Service and Repairs

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We are Scotland’s biggest musical equipment service and repair center specialising in vintage valve amplifiers, we also service and repair power amps, digital rack equipment, sound modules, mixing desks, PA speakers, keyboards and vintage synths. Read more…


Rory Gallagher Hawk

Flynn Amps Hawk Booster

Unbelievable sustain, drive and dynamic range are all controlled from the guitar and the player. The Hawk is super flexible and works with virtually any amp. 

FET Booster

Flynn Amps Fet Boost

An ultra high impedence FET input section buffers the signal prior to boosting to ensure that detail is retained with the added benefit of adding valve like shimmer to the top frequencies.

Tweed Deluxe 5E3

Flynn Amps Tweed Deluxe

The 14w Tweed Deluxe ( also known as the ‘5E3’) is a Tweed amp with a difference. This one growls and roars when pushed and has been the core tone in Neil Young’s rig since the 60’s. 

Deluxe Reverb


The Deluxe Reverb has been one of the top workhorse amps since the mid 60’s thanks to it’s light weight and moderate wattage which allows you to dial your tone at a realistic volume.


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