Hand wired, PCB free and built with meticulous attention to detail, all our amps have a build quality that is second to none and will deliver luxurious valve tone year after year. Tonally complex yet wonderfully simple and gig friendly vintage amplifiers are what everybody loves. Modern multi-channel channel amps often promise the world but the high density circuitry and low cost components in these amps prove time and time again that less is more when it comes to guitar tone. Our focus will always be on tonal quality first and foremost.
What we now call vintage amps were devised at a time when valve manufacture and circuit design were at their peak development. The amps that grew from this period cover the entire sonic palette and are still the mainstay of pro studios and players today. Quality vintage amps however are becoming harder to find and prices are at an all time high. 
The biggest dilemma facing the owner of an expensive vintage amp is when servicing is required. Do you keep those scratchy pots that really need replacing or should you swap the corroded valve bases and wiring in your 50 year old Fender Tweed Deluxe? Any replacement parts will devalue a vintage amp and most vintage amps we see in the workshop for repair could do with either new resistors, caps, pots, sockets, valve bases, switch’s, speakers or covering. 
We believe that an accurate new build vintage amp is the best way to go for pure tone, reliability and plain old value for money. Our valve amps will outclass and outlast any modern pcb built design at half the cost of an aging vintage amp.

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