Flynn 284

The 284 is a Flynn Amps original design based around the ubiquitous Vox Ac30. We chose to strip the Ac30 design down to it’s core strengths and got rid of half the output stage ( a common complaint from AC30 users is the excessive volume before any drive is heard) and we also consigned the tremelo circuit to the bin. The result is a leaner, lighter combo that retains the AC30 feel and essence without the excessive volume and weight.

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Product Details


Best described as half a Vox AC30 the Flynn 284 is half the speakers, half the output valves and half the weight. Chime and crunch are the specialities of this amp.


  • 18watt RMS
  • 1×12 configuration
  • 2 Input (high, low), 2 Channels, Normal & Brilliant
  • 2 master volumes
  • 3x 12×7’s, 2x EL84’s,
  • GZ34 Rectifier
  • Class A, cathode biased
  • Hand wired