Classic OC44 Booster

In the 1960’s there was one pedal that every British lead guitarist knew they needed…the Dallas Rangemaster. The warm and smooth sounding amps of the period were transformed into guitar tones that are still a vital part of Rock music. We have faithfully recreated the Rangemaster with our Classic OC44 booster using low noise components and hand tested OC44 Germanium transistors.

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    The British built amplifiers of the early sixties were very different from their American cousins in many ways. Most amps coming from the USA were using 6L6 or 6V6 output valves which gave them a brighter and tighter sound while the amp manufacturers in the UK tended to use EL84 (Vox) or EL34 (Marshall). These British amps often had a warmer and softer tone. The Dallas Rangemaster was designed specifically to boost the input of these amps and bring the tightness and the brightness back.

    Used by almost everyone the list of Rangemaster users includes Eric Clapton (with the Bluesbreakers), Rory Gallagher, Brian May and Billy Gibbons who uses his to great effect with a Tweed Deluxe.


    • Classic Rangemaster circuit
    • Carefully selected NOS Germanium transistors
    • Hand wired construction
    • Extremely low battery consumption
    • Tool Free battery change
    • Blue LED indicator
    • 9V DC connector (positive earth)
    • Free UK P&P


    We’ll have the new video’s up here soon!