FET Booster

When you need a straight boost that will lift your volume level but won’t colour your tone the Flynn Amps FET booster is the perfect choice. An ultra high impedence FET input section buffers the signal prior to boosting to ensure that detail is retained with the added benefit of adding valve like shimmer to the top frequencies. Great as a simple valve amp overdrive thanks to it’s high output level boost the FET will add life to any rig.

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    The FET Boost is the epitome of simplicity. One button, one control.

    We designed the FET Boost for the player that isn’t looking for endless mini-toggle switch options and tons of control options. The FET Boost doesn’t have the classic hi-mid EQ lift found on a regular treble booster and is very EQ neutral¬†so it’s ideal as a straight volume booster for solo’s.

    The FET Boost has a brilliant trick up it’s sleeve…that ultra high impedance FET transistor in there adds shimmer and sparkle to a guitar tone and is ideal on clean amp settings that may be missing a bit of life.


    • Straight signal boost with zero EQ colouration
    • High impedence FET input stage(>3megohm)
    • Wont load your pickups
    • Extremely low noise
    • True Bypass design
    • Hand wired construction
    • Tool free battery change