Fuzz Tone

When it comes to shear sustain and power a vintage fuzz still has no equal but when it comes to time clean up many designs just leave you with a flubby, wooly, tone that doesn’t cut any more. We decided to tackle this problem and have created our new Fuzz Tone. All the magic super sustain when you wind the guitar up and a beautiful clean tight tone when you wind the guitar back. The best fuzz we’ve ever tried, we think you’ll like it.

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    Many players see Fuzz as an extreme tone that could only be used in a wild moment or two but often they fail to realise that it actually can be used in place of any overdrive pedal. Keep the drive level down and the Fuzz Tone becomes the most touch sensitive overdrive tone you could ever imagine…or wind up that drive control for out of this world harmonic mayhem.


    • Super dynamic classic Fuzz Tone
    • Silicon transistor design
    • Can be powered by any ‘Standard’ 9v center negative psu
    • Extremely low noise
    • True Bypass design
    • Hand wired construction
    • Tool free battery change