Rory Gallagher Hawk

Unbelievable sustain, drive and dynamic range are all controlled from the guitar and the player. The Hawk is super flexible and works with virtually any amp. Classic Rory Gallagher guitar tones are best achieved with Tweed Fender amps such as the Bassman, Tweed Twin, Tweed Deluxe, Concert as well as Marshall combos and Vox AC30/ 15 amps but you’ll find most valve amps will work really well with the Hawk booster.

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    In march 2008 we flew down to London on a mission to try and recreate Rory Gallagher’s favourite booster, the ‘Hawk’. With help from Rory’s brother (and band tour manager) Donal Gallagher, Tom O’Driscoll (band amp tech) and Daniel Gallagher (Donal’s musician son) we meticulously photographed and carefully measured every component on Rory’s original Hawk. From these photographs and drawings our Rory Gallagher signature Hawk booster was born.

    Designed as a multi-purpose device, the Hawk was intended to be used with guitars, keyboards, vocals and mixing desks. The 18V power supply meant that the Hawk was capable of massive output levels and Rory discovered that it could overdrive the input of any valve amp he used it with. Rich harmonics, wide dynamics, smooth sustain and a biting edge are all controlled from the guitar volume control. Rory used his primarily with his Tweed Fender amps but it can drive most valve amps into classic Rory tones. The Hawk was a ‘set and forget’ device that would normally be left on all the time and for guitar use it would be used last in the effect chain driving the amp hard. From around 1973 onwards you can hear Rory use the Hawk almost exclusively, both live and in the studio. It’s a clear yet highly driven guitar tone that is precise, natural and completely unique to Rory’s music.

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    Guitarist Review

    Guitarist magazine review…

    ‘Its tonal versatility is huge and it works well with a range of guitar and amp types, so for many users the Rory Gallagher connection would be irrelevant. It’s simply one of the best overdrive/boosters we’ve ever reviewed.’

    We like: Transparent tone;loads of boost; versatility
    We dislike: Footswitchable treble boost would be fun
    Guitarist says: Here’s a signature pedal with real tonal variety. One of the best OD/boosters we’ve tried.


    • Super flexible active EQ
    • Massive boost capability
    • Hand wired construction
    • Tool free battery change
    • ‘Guitarist Choice’ Award from Guitarist Magazine
    • Guitarist rating 4.5/5

    Rory Gallagher

    ‘How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world? I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher.’ —Jimi Hendrix

    ‘Rory’s death really upset me. I heard about it just before we went on stage, and it put a damper on the evening. I can’t say I knew him that well, but I remember meeting him in our offices once, and we spent an hour talking. He was such a nice guy and a great player.’ —Jimmy Page

    ‘So these couple of kids come up, who’s me and my mate, and say ‘How do you get your sound Mr. Gallagher?’ and he sits and tells us. So I owe Rory Gallagher my sound. ‘ —Brian May

    ‘Rory’s death is a tragic loss of a great musician and a very good friend.’ —Van Morrison

    ‘The man who got me back into the blues.’ —Eric Clapton

    ‘A beautiful man and an amazing guitar player. He was a very sensitive man and a great musician.’ —The Edge (U2)

    ‘It was all about him playing the guitar, it got into your soul.’—Cameron Crowe (Writer/Film Director)

    ‘In the 70s he built himself a reputation as a live performer of tremendous vitality. He was even headhunted to join The Rolling Stones.’—Niall Stokes (Editor, Hot Press)

    ‘One of the things that was crucial for me I got from Rory Gallagher, which was the idea of, like, being a guitar player for life and living it.’ —Johnny Marr (The Smiths)

    ‘An uncompromisingly serious musician.’ —The Times, 16 June 1995.

    Rory’s Hawk