Tweed Champ

The Tweed Champ is arguably the cutest and most useful little amp ever built. Entire albums have been recorded with them, you can carry one in a small suitcase, the tone sits in a mix perfectly with minimal eq’ing, they are virtually indestructible. The Tone is pure classic Tweed with one control knob. Pure simplicity.

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The Tweed Champ has one of the simplest valve amp designs ever. One pre-amp valve, one output valve and one rectifier valve give the Champ a grand total of 5 watts. The tone is very focused and records wonderfully. This is one of the reasons it has been a studio standard since it was first designed way back in 1948. The simple approach is again evident in the control panel which has one knob…volume.


  • 5 watt RMS
  • Volume control/ Power switch
  • 2 Input (high, low), 1 Channel
  • 1× 12AX7 and 1× 6V6
  • 5Y3 Rectifier
  • Class A, single-ended
  • Hand wired