Tweed Super

The 30w Tweed Super sits right in the middle of the 50’s Fender range and has a bit of every Tweed amp in it’s character. Incredibly light for it’s output level, it’s the most flexible and every day usable of all the Tweeds and is a favourite of many top names including Billy Gibbons and Rory Gallagher.

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Louder and tighter than the 14w Tweed Deluxe but not quite as clean as a 40w Tweed Twin, the Tweed Super can fit into any scenario. Compact, portable yet punchy like a large combo and more than capable of holding it’s own against a loud backline. 30w is a ideal wattage for Tweed tone, not too loud that you can’t overdrive it but still with enough clean headroom.



  • 30w Power Output
  • 2×10 Jensen Alnico Configuration
  • Handwired construction
  • Finger jointed pine cab
  • 1956 Spec circuit